Management software

With the Kokopilot Board, manage your entire business with your new tools from one place!

Intégrations Kokopilot


Connect your Facebook and Google tracking tools in one click.

Formations by Kokopilot

Trainings by Koko

Koko personally teaches all your team members how to use your new tools.

Sans commission Kokopilot

Without commission

You do not pay us any commission either on your bookings made or on your sales.

Data save Kokopilot

Cloud data backup

Benefit from cloud backup and access to your working data.

Kokopilot Site internet


A website always optimized and adapted to the latest standards.

Kokopilote Application mobile

Mobile application

A mobile application for Android smartphones and soon Apple.

RGPD Kokopilot

GDPR Standard

Your solution complies with the standards and requirements of the GDPR.

Sécurité HTTPS Kokopilot

HTTPS Security

Your website has SSL security technology to enable the HTTPS protocol.

Propriété intellectuelle Kokopilot

Intellectual Property

You are the owner of all the content of your website & app.


Kokopilot Identité

Corporate identity

Your corporate identity is present on all supports.

Kokopilot Domain

Domain Name

Log in or order a custom domain name.

Kokopilot Géolocalisation


Guide your customers to your business in one click.

Kokopilot identité

Content Management

Manage all your content, texts, colors, logos, photos...

Kokopilot Multilingue


Propose your website & app in different languages.

Kokopilot Albums

Photo albums

Create and share photo albums.

Kokopilot Mobile Friendly

Adapted to mobiles

Your website adapts to different screen sizes.

Kokopilot Download

Mobile Download

Your application can be downloaded from the Play Store and soon from the Apple store.

Logos partners Kokopilot

Display of logos and partners

Display the logos of your clients and partners on your website & app.


Kokopilot Catalogue


Present your offers and services by categories and packages.

Kokopilote Code Promo

Promotional code

Create promotion codes with limited quantity or duration.

Kokopilot Email Orange

Robotic emails

Automatically send sales emails for each order.

Kokopilot Client File Orange

Orders history

View all orders archived in the customer file.

Kokopilot Livraison


Propose to your clients to be delivered in a delimited geographical area.

Kokopilot Click & Collect

Click & collect

Propose to your clients to come and collect their order on website.

Package O

Packaged offer

Combine products together to create formulas or combinations.

Additional sale O

Additional sales

Add options/supplements lists to your products and services.

Mise en avant Kokopilot

Highlight (coming soon)

Display the offers you want to promote on your home page.

Kokopilot Offre


Allow your clients to consult your products and services 24/7.

Kokopilot Pay


Propose different payment methods to your clients.

Kokopilot Stock

Connected stock

Manage your stock and synchronize it according to the availability of your offer.

Kokopilot Carte Cadeau

Gift cards

Sell gift cards to offer.

Kokopilot stock sans limite

Unlimited offer

Offer as many products or services as you wish.

Kokopilot Points Orange

Loyalty card

Offer a digital loyalty card to earn rewards.

Kokopilot Bill Orange

Simple billing

Take advantage of automatic invoice generation and edit invoices as needed.

Déclinaison 0

Offer's Declination

Add types of variations to your products (size, color, etc.).

Kokopilot Notification Push Orange

Flash Campaign

Notify your clients in real time with a push notification.


Kokopilot Bell Y


Allow your clients to book online in just a few clicks.

Kokopilot Réservation centralisée

Centralized booking

Online booking and those you add manually are centralized in one place.

Kokopilot Calendrier Sync

Synchronized calendar

Booking are automatically synchronized between your clients and your team.

Kokopilot Suivi des réservations

Booking display

Display your booking daily, monthly or annually.

Kokopilot Robot Y

Robotic confirmation

Booking confirmation emails are automatically sent to your customers.

Kokopilot Carte de fidélité Yellow

Loyalty card

Offer your clients the opportunity to accumulate points with each payment, allowing them to earn rewards.

Kokopilot Card

Payment method

Offer to book without payment, to prepay or to pay directly for the booking.

Kokopilot Rappel Y


An automated notification is sent to your customers so they don't forget their appointment.

Kokopilot Client commentaire

Client Comments

Allow your clients to add a comment to their booking.

Kokopilot Client File

Client History

Consult all the history of your clients' bookings.

Kokpoilot Code Promo

Promotional code

Create promotion codes with limited quantity or duration for each booking.

Kokopilot Planning

Detailed planning

Get a detailed planning of your bookings with the data of your clients.

Kokopilot Bill Y

Simple billing

Automatically generate an invoice for each confirmed booking.


Kokopilot Posts


Create and share news about your company.

Kokopilot Multipublication


Publish from a single place, on your social networks, website & app.

Kokopilot Notifications Push

Push notifications

Send notifications directly to your clients' smartphone and computer.

Kokopilot Mail

Robotic emails

A succession of robotic emails is automatically sent to your clients.

Kokopilot Form

Contact Form

Allow your clients to contact you directly on your website & app.

Kokopilot Messagerie Red

Instant messaging

Interact directly with your clients and your team on the chat.

Kokopilot Instant

Instant communication

Allow your clients and your team to exchange instantly.

Kokopilot Ciblage

Targeted push notifications

Target the sending of push notifications to the smartphone and/or computer.

Social media Kokopilot

Social networks

Make your links accessible to your various social networks.

Kokopilot Clock

Programmed push notifications(coming soon)

Program push notifications to be sent offline.


Kokopilot Client File

Client file

A client file is automatically updated with the data of your clients.

Kokopilot Messagerie


Exchange instantly with your clients

Kokopilot Carte de fidélité

Loyalty card

Offer your clients a loyalty card that allows them to accumulate points and earn rewards.

Kokopilot Stockage

Unlimited storage

Your client file has no storage limit.

Kokopilot Notification Push P

Push notifications

Send notifications to your clients directly to their smartphone and computer.

Kokopilot Flash Code

Flash code validation

Your clients earn loyalty points on the spot by scanning your flash code.

Kokopilot Suivi Client

Client Notifications

Allow your clients to have their feedback

Kokopilot Facebook

Facebook login (coming soon)

Your clients can create an account by connecting directly by Facebook.

Kokopilot Client Stat

Client statistics

Track your clients' interactions with statistical analysis.

Kokopilot Robot

Robotic tracking

Your clients' interactions are recorded automatically.

Kokopilot Cadeau


Offer your clients rewards according to their accumulated loyalty points.

Kokopilot ID card

Dedicated client account

Each client can log in to his own account.

Kokopilot Mail

Robotic emails

A succession of robotic emails is automatically sent to your clients.

Kokopilot Fidélité Client


Build client loyalty with a great digital experience.

Unlock Kokopilot

Password Reset

Allow your clients to reset their passwords.


Kokopilot équipes


Offer your teams a high-performance work tool.

Kokopilot Management


Supervise all the work of your teams on a single platform.

Kokopilot Implication


Involve your teams in the digital management of your business.

Kokopilot Emploi du temps

Time schedule

Manage your teams' schedules online.

Kokopilot Sélection

Select a member

Allow your clients to choose a specific member of your team when making a booking.

Kokopilot Performances

Team performance

Evaluate and monitor the performance of your teams.

Kokopilot rôles


Define the level of access according to the role of each member of your teams.

Kokopilot Tasks

To-do list

Assign tasks to each member of your teams.

Kokopilot SAV

Client relationship

Allow your teams and clients to exchange instantly.

Kokopilot Message B

Messaging and e-mails

Your teams communicate directly with your clients by e-mail and chat.

Kokopilot Team Infinite

Unlimited users

Add as many team members as you want.

Kokopilot Historic

Interaction history

Access all the history of exchanges between your clients and your teams.

Kokopilot Smile Eyes Close

Don't put off until tomorrow what you know is essential today!

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