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Manage all of your clients from a single interface

With the Kokopilot management system, you manage the entire process of a successful customer relationship from a single interface. You automatically collect details from your clients and interact with them without changing platforms.

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Kokopilot Client File


Kokopilot Client Stat


Kokopilot Messagerie


Kokopilot Suivi Client


Kokopilot Carte de fidélité


Kokopilot Cadeau


Kokopilot Client File

Client file

Allow your clients to book your services 24/7 with just a few clicks.

Kokopilot Robot


All of your clients' interactions (orders, appointments, messages) are automatically stored in the system.

Kokopilot ID card

Dedicated client account

Each client has his own account with the history of his orders for a tailored customer follow-up.

Kokopilot Client Stat

Statistical analysis and reporting

You get detailed statistics and analysis on your users in just a few clicks.

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Kokopilot Stockage

Unlimited storage

You have many clients? We look forward to seeing your contact list grow. The Kokopilot database is unlimited and contains no hidden costs.

Kokopilot Facebook

Facebook Login

Your clients don't need to enter their personal data: they create an account with you by logging in with their Facebook login in just a few clicks!

Kokopilot Propriété Intellectuelle

Intellectual Property

You are the sole owner of your database. This means that your contacts are protected and transferable if you decide to continue the digital adventure without our services.

Kokpilot Suivi Client
Kokopilot Suivi Client

Client follow-up

Every contact with your client is important. To simplify your interactions, use our automated tools!

Kokopilot Mail

Automatic Emails

An order confirmation, an appointment reminder? Our software sends these emails automatically for you!

Kokopilot Notification Push P

Push notifications

Do you want to notify your client quickly? Use notifications sent directly to their smartphone!

Kokopilot Messagerie

Instant messaging

Unlimited availability: you answer live to your clients but also to your teams from a single interface!

Kokopilot Fidélité Client

Client loyalty

A loyal client who makes regular purchases is the key to a growing turnover for your company.

Kokopilot Carte de fidélité

Digital loyalty card

You set up your own loyalty programs with a digital points card for each of your clients.

Kokopilot Cadeau

Gift system

You choose and configure rewards for each order online or in-store. Your most loyal clients will be delighted!

Kokopilot Flash Code

In-store purchase: Flash Code

For any physical purchase, your client scans your flash code with his smartphone to validate his points gain!

Kokopilot Flash Code

They have digitized their companies, and you?

Kokopilot Mathieu

"Koko automatically sends my patients emails formatted with my company's graphic charter and information. It's magical!"

Hypnotherapy office

Mathieu H Mathieuhelain.com

Kokopilot Michel Banana

"Thanks to Koko I finally publish on my networks, talk with my customers, manage my bookings and my teams from a single place!"

Bar and nightclub

Michel M Bananacafé.com

Kokopilot Maher

"Since I have Koko as a partner I get a lot more calls and my website is highly referenced".

Cooling and Air Conditioning Specialist

Maher T Mfconcept.fr

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Koko answers your questions!

Is the Kokopilot solution right for my business?

Of course! Kokopilot is suitable for all sectors of activity, whether you sell goods, services or not at all.

How much does it cost?

Our basic digital solution is free, without commitment and without commission! You get access to all the tools and benefit from a complete support, with me (or directly with a member of the team if Koko does not have the answer to your question).

I have no computer skills, is that a problem?

Not at all! On the contrary, Kokopilot is just for you! Koko, your virtual assistant guides you step by step, don't waste any more time and finally become autonomous in the management of your digital environment.

How quickly can I use my tools?

9 minutes, that's how long it takes to create your website, access the management software and start working. Then add the products and services you want to promote, and start taking off!

I already have a site and/or a domain name, what should I do?

If you already own a domain name connected to your old website 🙈 you can use it for your new website! If you don't have a domain name yet, you can get one with us.

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