Exchange directly with your clients

Thanks to the Kokopilot management system, you manage all your digital communication from a single interface. You talk directly with your clients, you share your news with them and you thank them for their loyalty thanks to exclusive promotions.

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Kokopilot Posts


Share your company's news and create a close relationship with your clients!

Kokopilot Multipublication


Publish from a single place on your website, application and social networks!

Kokopilot SEO

Google SEO referencing

Your website will be optimized for search engines like Google. This is the basis of a good SEO!

Kokopilot Easy

Easy to use

You write your article in the blog section, you choose the images and you publish!

Kokopilot Posts
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Instant messaging

Being available for your clients is the secret of successful digital communication. Thanks to this instant messaging system, you can respond live to your clients but also to your teams from a single interface!

Kokopilot Intégrations


Do you want to launch a paid marketing campaign and track the results? Our solution offers possible integration with Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Google Tag Manager.

Kokopilot PI

Intellectual Property

You are the owner of each content you write on your Kokopilot website. This means that your content is protected and transferable if you decide to continue the digital adventure without our services.

Kokopilot Notification Push
Kokopilot Notifications Push

Push notifications

Send your most important communications directly to your clients' smartphone!

Kokopilot Instant


You communicate on a very short timescale and share news and promotions flashes.

Kokopilot Ciblage


You individually customize each notification sent directly to your clients' smartphone.

Kokopilot Clock

Programmed (coming soon)

Automatically schedule regular notifications to boost your business during off-peak periods.

Kokopilot Posts

Sending e-mails

Automate the sending of e-mails to your clients to confirm booking or thank them!

Kokopilot Robot


An automatic email is sent according to the actions of your clients: purchase confirmation, booking confirmation, contact request, etc.

Kokopilot Rappel


Your clients won't forget their appointment: an email reminder system is activated a few days before the precise date!

Kokopilot Cockpit

From a single interface

When a client contacts you via chat or a form, reply by email or directly in your Cockpit!

Kokopilot Mail

They have digitized their companies, and you?

Kokopilot Mathieu

"Koko automatically sends my patients emails formatted with my company's graphic charter and information. It's magical!"

Hypnotherapy office

Mathieu H

Kokopilot Michel Banana

"Thanks to Koko I finally publish on my networks, talk with my customers, manage my bookings and my teams from a single place!"

Bar and nightclub

Michel M Bananacafé.com

Kokopilot Maher

"Since I have Koko as a partner I get a lot more calls and my website is highly referenced".

Cooling and Air Conditioning Specialist

Maher T

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Kokopilot Academy

Join a community of supportive entrepreneurs

The Kokopilot Academy is where all users of the Kokopilot growth solution meet.

There, you can consult the tutorials and the blog, ask questions, ask for help, share stories, advices, strategies...

It is YOUR space for sharing between entrepreneurs and your N°1 exchange place with the Kokoteam and its ambassadors.

Let's create tools for your success from our exchanges!

Join the Academy

Your questions, my answers

Is the Kokopilot solution suitable to my activity ?

The Kokopilot solution is suitable for all industries, whether you are selling goods, services, or no sales at all.

How much does it cost ?

Our basic digital solution is free, without commitment and without commission! You get access to all the tools and benefit from a complete support, with me (or directly with a member of the team if Koko does not have the answer to your question).

I don't have any computer skills, is this an obstacle?

No problem, on the contrary Kokopilot is perfectly made for you! Koko accompanies you step by step, don't waste any more time and finally become independent in the management of your digital environment.

How long does it take to use my tools?

15 minutes is the time you need to create your website, access the management software and start working. Then add the products and services you want to highlight, and start taking off!

I already have a website and/or a domain name, what should I do?

If you already own a domain name connected to your old website 🙈 you can use it for your new website ! If you don't have a domain name yet you can get one with us.

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Don't put off until tomorrow what you know is essential today!

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