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Kokopilot Board overview

What is Kokopilot ?

An optimized solution to help you build your online identity and allow your customers to be with you, easily:

  • 9 minutes, and 10 questions, to create a professional, ready-to-use website.
  • Kokopilot Board : your assisted management software to manage your entire business, in one place.
  • Your mobile application.
  • Easy-to-use features and tools that provide maximum comfort and 100% secure results for your customers.
  • Koko, your virtual assistant, personally accompanies you step by step in the implementation of Kokopilot features. No need to be a computer expert to get a great website...
  • No commission on bookings or sales.

Koko, how does it work?

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Step 1

Get on board

Just click on the "Create my website" button and join me on board the Kokopilot ship. From this moment on, I will guide you, step by step, until the finalization of your website. It takes less than 9 minutes, don't worry!

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Step 2

Answer 10 (short) questions

Once you have answered these few questions, I can help you understand and use the Kokopilot Board (the ship's controls). It's not complicated, I just ask you some information about your company to create a website that reflects you.

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Step 3

Discover the Kokopilot Board

You are now the captain! From this simple, fast and efficient interface, you can manage all the tools that Kokopilot offers you: online sales, digital communication, team management, online reservations and appointments, as well as customer management.

For more information, see the details of our tools right here: Discover all the tools

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Step 4

Get your business off the ground

I've given you a few assignments to help you move up the ladder and become a Digital Hero.

Simply complete them and turn a boring and tedious task into a fun and exciting game! Become autonomous in managing your online presence (always with my help, if needed).

Add the products or services you offer to your customers and share them!

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Step 5

Sell your products and services!

That's it, we'll take care of the rest! All that's left is for you to start and discover the power of Kokopilot.

Koko helped them, why not you?

Kokopilot Mathieu

"Koko automatically sends my patients emails formatted with my company's graphic charter and information. It's magical!"

Hypnotherapy office

Mathieu H Mathieuhelain.com

Kokopilot Michel Banana

"Thanks to Koko I finally publish on my networks, talk with my customers, manage my bookings and my teams from a single place!"

Bar and nightclub

Michel M Bananacafé.com

Kokopilot Maher

"Since I have Koko as a partner I get a lot more calls and my website is highly referenced".

Cooling and Air Conditioning Specialist

Maher T Mfconcept.fr


Kokopilot 5 stars


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Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Stay open 24/7

Easily create your website with Koko, your virtual assistant, and GROW your business in a simple, fun and entertaining way.

Kokopilot offers you the best tools to make your business take off and sell, even at night:

  • Increase your revenue with more sales and reservations.
  • Build customer loyalty and provide them with an unforgettable experience.
  • Improve your brand image.
  • Get your teams involved in the digital life of the company, easily.
  • Be (finally) visible online...

Use Kokopilot now for free...

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Your integrated mobile app!

With the help of Koko, create a powerful ecosystem to attract customers and meet their needs instantly.

No more (too) high commissions from apps and booking sites:

Throw out The Fork, Deliveroo, Treatwell, Kiute, and company...

Kokopilot, is an all-in-one digital solution where you will NEVER pay any commission!

With a mobile application creation software, allow your customers to enjoy a mobile application dedicated to your business, directly connected to the Kokopilot Board. Today, the smartphone has become your customers' best friend!

So be in their pockets...

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Koko answers your questions!

Is the Kokopilot solution right for my business?

Of course! Kokopilot is suitable for all sectors of activity, whether you sell goods, services or not at all.

How much does it cost?

Our basic digital solution is free, without commitment and without commission! You get access to all the tools and benefit from a complete support, with me (or directly with a member of the team if Koko does not have the answer to your question).

I have no computer skills, is that a problem?

Not at all! On the contrary, Kokopilot is just for you! Koko, your virtual assistant guides you step by step, don't waste any more time and finally become autonomous in the management of your digital environment.

How quickly can I use my tools?

9 minutes, that's how long it takes to create your website, access the management software and start working. Then add the products and services you want to promote, and start taking off!

I already have a site and/or a domain name, what should I do?

If you already own a domain name connected to your old website 🙈 you can use it for your new website! If you don't have a domain name yet, you can get one with us.